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The compassionate purpose of the ADH Volunteer Program is to offer an individual, community group, or youth an opportunity to SERV Arkansas. The volunteer time towards public health outreach provides an invaluable service to the health and welfare of Arkansas citizens. 

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Typically we spell the word, “SERV” as S-E-R-V-E.  Co-workers, neighbors, family, friends, and you are already serving your neighborhood, community, or state. In an outstanding effort, volunteers are making a difference through your interests, skills and profession. For that alone; many of us are grateful and commend you for going well above the demands of your own jobs, families, and interests to serve Arkansas.

What are the benefits of volunteering in public health?

Your talents or work experiences will be highly appreciated. Training for public health impacts or local emergencies or disasters will provide an additional resource in community resiliency efforts.

Is there training provided?

Yes, ADH offers emergency preparedness and response mission or task specific training to an ADH Volunteer.

What can I do in an ADH volunteer role?

The following jobs or activities are some of the diverse roles in which you as a unit member or SERV volunteer can best fill:

Registry process

Please join us in educating and protecting you and your community. SERV Arkansas! 

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Phone: 501-661-2482


To access the SERV and MRC Volunteer Program page, click here.

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